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Company Of Heroes 2.501 Maphack (V5.04) Empty Company Of Heroes 2.501 Maphack (V5.04)

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:01 pm

G'day everyone

As we all anticipated the COH 2.501 patch is finally HERE! and as promised I have updated the hack.

I am lowering my hack price to $30US. Keep in mind my hack contains more than just a maphack. And the $10US referral discount is still applicable. So if you refer another person and they write your name in the description box when paying you instantly receive $10US back.

Youtube 2.400 video: (Sorry for the low quality will make another video shortly)

COH 2.501 video with proof of ToV vehicle unlocks coming soon!

Ultimate Hack v5.04

ToV vehicles now unlocked for people who didn't purchase the COH expansion.

Features in my hack:
*Enemy team chat reveal, ability reveal, resource reveal, upgrade reveal, unit production reveal, AI control (even enemy AI when someone drops in 2v2+) (All in a easy to access hack menu)
*New Vet Icons added to replace Relic's Grey Box failure
*Sound fix for Point Du Hoc water (Much softer)
*Abilities enabled while garrisoned for British only (For the awesome Kangaroo LOL)
*Sticky Bomb Alert above Barracks
*ToV Game modes maphack
*Doctrine Alert above HQ (Sound coming soon)
*Camera zoom mod (Extreme zoom out to pinpoint the exact location of on-map arty)
*Tactical Map Hacked
*Enemy unit health displayed on tactical map even when in fog
*Radar/Minimap Hacked
*Overwatch reveal
*Sniper Camo reveal
*Mine/Teller mine reveal
*Stormtrooper and all other camo reveal (e.g. Commando Dets etc.)
*Strafe alert (yellow arrow)
*V1 alert (light blue arrow)
*Calliope Alert (also yellow arrow)
*Decoy Arty removal (green arrow)
*Unit ability warning (e.g. British sniper shot, Grenades, panzerfaust, Armor piercing rounds etc.)
*Booby Trap reveal
*Forced MG unit target from building (LOL relic gave us this one, something I made for 2.301 hack)

Additional Features:
*WSAD Camera controls
*Custom hotkeys that compliment WSAD camera (World in Conflict style)
*Ingame timer

Coming very soon:
*Artillery Barrage marked on 3d map
*3d map reveal (Units revealed on 3d map)

Early Development:
*New game modes unlocked for people without ToV (Panzerkreig, Stonewall, assualt)
*Controlling other humans units
*Ingame Clock connected to your PC's system time
*Mg arc of fire reveal

If you would like to know more or purchase the hack contact (e-mail) or (msn instant messenger only)

For 2.301 thread click here:


P.S. ALL clients receive updates for the next COH patch etc.
Be aware that you can not share your version of the hack with
anyone because if another person uses your version in the same game
with you there will be a "sync error" (I added this feature on propose
for obvious reasons)

P.P.S is the GOD of online hacks, no-other site even compares to it! Keep up the good work mpc, use the search features and I guarantee you will get results!


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